Founded in 1999, The BlackHand Order is an EU based gaming community with a long history in a wide variety of MMORPG’s. We are proud of our past history and achievements, all of which have helped mold our core member base into a successful gaming community that’s still thriving after 15 years.

Our guild continually works together with its members to overcome the many challenges that present themselves, through continuous training and active PvP. We wish to open recruitment to grow our Star Citizen branch with a select few players who have a passion for working as part of a greater cause.

We will offer regular events (both PvP & PvE), character development advice and training with players who have the respect from our enemies. Our Discord is always active in prime time, allowing you to network and befriend members from not only Crowfall, but the wider TBH community as a whole.

First and foremost we expect our members to be active in the game as well as the wider community. We are an adult player base with real lives outside of gaming; however, we do expect minimum commitment of 20 hours week, as we do not wish our members to fall behind.

Our guild is full of experienced players and although we will happily train players up to our standards, a good background in MMORPG’s is desirable, with preferable experience in other large scale PvP games (DAOC, WAR, EVE).

Our expectation from our player base is the desire to improve oneself and the guild. The ideal candidate should be prepared to develop their character and practice PvP with the guild whenever possible. If you think you are the type of person we seek or if you require further information about our guild, please visit our website for further details.

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