Code of Conduct

The BlackHand Order is a group of gamers founded in the summer of 1999 on EverQuest. The Order has continued to evolve over the last two decades to become one of the most established, stable and progressive gaming communities based within the genre to date.

Our Core Principles

Every member of The BlackHand Order, ranging from Applicant to Branch Leader must abide by the rules contained herein. You are required to read and understand these, including your branch specific rule set, which can be found within each game section.

I want to start by explaining that our guild has certain rules which are somewhat different to other more modern gaming groups on the web today. We are a diverse and ever-evolving guild, however we never veer from the three principles that The BlackHand Order was founded on:

• To remain loyal to the guild.
• To actively progress the guild and its members.
• To support the guild in whichever game you choose to play.

Over the years these three principles have been the cornerstone of our success, especially since we chose to branch onto multiple platforms after EQ1.

Never forget that regardless of the game you play, you are a TBH member and as such you are required to support our branches if you choose to move to a new platform we support. This is to ensure that wherever you choose to move with your gaming career, your effort and support will be channelled into our continued advancement as a gaming community.

The BlackHand Order is not a democratic organisation. Each Branch has a Branch Leader and a selection of Officers to ensure that our rules are adhered to and these players have final say on whatever happens in the game they manage.

Your rights as a Member

The majority of the TBH player base are very passionate about various aspects of both the digital and real world. On occasion, a topic may arise which some players may find offensive. Please remember The BlackHand Order is a community catering to an adult audience (we have an 18+ policy for a reason) and as such members will not be pulled up for engaging in adult topics. Do not report conversations pertaining to sex, drugs or the use of inappropriate language to the Leadership as this is not a breach of our Code of Conduct.

If a topic arises which you find distasteful, merely ask your fellow kin to tone the topic down or move channel if it takes place on Discord. The BlackHand Order also encourages people to be passionate and aggressive in attaining goals. Topics pertaining to political/religious views are considered ideological opinion and isn’t a breach of our Code of Conduct.

The community strongly encourages free will and individualism over ideologies which restrict ones viewpoint and lifestyle. However, if a player targets another deliberately and uses terminology designed to cause malice, this is considered player harassment and as such, the offender will be issued a warning. The punishment will vary depending on the severity of the offense. If the insult is meant in jest this can be resolved with a simple apology and no action taken. If you have a grievance with another TBH Member you are asked not to create drama on public channels and contact the Branch Leader or one of their Officers.

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