Albion Online Release Date


With the announcement of the Galahad Update and a release date for Albion Online, the consensus is to start testing the game systems now, in preparation for the July 2017 launch window (17/07/17 to be exact). The team behind Albion published a press release this week, which has been posted below for your convenience.

Galahad is here – a major milestone towards the release of Albion Online on July 17, 2017. The release of Galahad is accompanied with a reset of the game databases (wipe) – a necessary step to test all the exciting changes introduced with Galahad and to give us detailed data about the game’s performance in preparation for launch. The team worked very hard on Galahad, and on behalf of all of us, I wish you a lot of fun playing it! We are now turning our attention to getting the game ready for launch.

For us, this means improving the beginner experience, finishing the UI rework and improving the inventory & rights management situation of Guilds. It also means going through all the data collected during this last test phase, fixing bugs and improving balancing and performance wherever we can. If you want to support us in this task, we invite you to leave feedback in the feedback forum and report any bugs you find using the /bug command in-game.

Best of luck for all your endeavours in this last phase of Albion Beta Testing!

Robin Henkys – Game Director


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